Looking after Cat’s during lockdown

Lockdown…a time to build our bond with cats 

Staying home with not much to do this lockdown is difficult for us all and can impact our mental and physical health. This might be the ideal time for both you and your cat (or cats) to really bond and spend more time together.

From your cats’ point of view, having you around a lot more not only means more food (and more frequently!) Below are some other ways you can bond with your cat during lockdown:

  • Play with your cat! This is the obvious one. The same way some cats seem to associate their ‘people’ or owners with mealtimes, frequent and friendly playtime sessions will give you a new reputation as you’ll also be associated with fun. Even if your cat weighs more on the lazier side of the scales, they will be encouraged over time to be more active and release some endorphins through play.
  • Talk to your cat. Cats may well not understand verbal communication; nevertheless, they are well attuned to tones in your voice. Talking to your cat regularly, whether small talk about day-to-day happenings or soothing them to sleep, your cat will be familiar with your warm tone of voice. Your cat may even respond, although non-verbally of-course.
  • Snuggling. Despite a notorious reputation for independence, cats generally need a decent amount of daily snuggle time. The sociability of any cat is usually determined by the interactions and experiences from their kittenhood, nonetheless, even cats benefit from cosying next to you on the couch or catnapping on your lap. Snuggling gives your cat (and you) a sense of warmth and security.
  • Routine. Being a creature of habit, cats thrive on routine. To avoid any surprises and to keep your cat feeling content, it is imperative to establish a consistent routine such as mealtimes, bedtime, and outdoor time. While this can seem mundane to most humans, this helps regulate your cats mood and makes them feel secure.



Image copyright  @Pixabay@Daga_Roszkowska