Cat’s Purr for many reasons

Understanding a Cat’s Purr… 

There is a lot to a cat’s purr then you might think.

A cat’s purr can tell you a lot about how they are feeling. The more high-pitched sounds are, the better, because sometimes the lower pitch meow can indicate they are irritated and want something. Purring is usually a sign of happiness; sometimes, however, it can mean that they are stressed, anxious or unwell, and they will use their purr to comfort themselves.

Every cat is unique, and some communicate through purring, even when they groom each other, it can be a way of self-healing by helping to repair bones and tissue. The low rate of a purr causes vibrations that can ease breathing, heal bones and injuries, and even act as a pain relief.

Cats purr…
• To communicate and express their feelings.
• Kittens depend on the vibrations from their mother for survival.
• Always observe and look out for any changes with your cat.

A cat’s purr produces frequencies which can also benefit people and help keep us calm, it can also help to reduce stress and heart disease. When they purr and look at you, you cannot miss the signs that say they want their dinner, often we will feed our cats before ourselves.

Understanding our cats body language is a great way to knowing how they are, whether they feel happy or sad. Knowing our cat can help us build the bond between them and you. By looking at their behaviour and recognizing their mood, you will be able to work out what they might be trying to share with you.

You know your cat better than anyone, so if you are ever worried or concerned about your cat always contact your veterinary for advice and help.