Why Cats Clean Themselves So Much

Why Cats Keep Themselves Clean  

Cats will spend a few hours a day grooming and cleaning themselves, but they also need some human help too. The repetitive practice of self-grooming stimulates endorphins, helping cats to relax, reduce stress and help calm themselves down.

Cleaning also helps cool cats down, as they sweat from their paws and when they clean the saliva evaporates on their fur to maintain their body temperature.

They clean themselves to protect against predators
Cats instinctively clean away food and any other odours so they will not be detected by potentially threatening animals.

Caring for their Fur and Warmth
When cats lick themselves, it helps them spread their natural oils around their coat. These oils protect them from dampness and keeps them warm.

Keep Wounds Clean
It is thought that their saliva contains enzymes which turn into natural antibiotic. When they lick their wound, it can help protect them from infection.

Increase Blood Flow
Like with brushing which encourages blood flow to the scalp, with a cat, their tongue is covered with bristle-like hairs which helps to improve their circulation.

Cats who know each other will often groom each other as a sign of affection and trust.
They take comfort in the routine of self-cleaning.

Their coat often shows their health, like having shiny and soft fur. Ensuring that they have a well-balanced nutritional diet will help provide them with the essential nutrients they need.

Cats need to be groomed regularly and by doing it can help spot anything unusual or difference that you might want to have checked by your vet.

If you are ever worried or concerned about your pet, always contact your veterinarian for advice and help.