Looking after our feline friends

Cats are wonderful

Our wonderful cat friends are all unique with different personalities and temperaments.

They have highly developed senses which helps them detect high frequencies of noise, they have excellent vision especially at night and have a great sense of smell. Their whiskers are very important as they are sensitive to vibrations, which helps them to detect prey.

They are powerful animals who can run, jump, climb and move fast and gracefully. They have many ways of communicating with us such as they purr, growl and hiss. these are just some of the sounds they make.

Fiercely independent , they like to choose their own companions and mark their territory using methods like scratching or spray their urine. They can sleep up to 12-18 hours a day which helps them keep and store energy resources for their prey.  Play is very important as it helps to improve their motor skills and encourages social behaviour.

They are clean animals who like to groom themselves which helps keep their coat in good condition and helps to remove fleas and other parasites. It’s advised to brush their coat regularly, especially if they are long-haired.

Help keep your furry friend fit and healthy by regular vet visits to ensure they are up-to-date with all their vaccinations and treatments.

For our elderly feline friends, it’s advised we get more frequent vet checks, consider every six months.

Always keep an eye of their weight, especially if you haven’t changed their diet. Also, any changes in their behaviour, this can sometimes be significant so always check with your vet.

If you have concerns or are worried always speak to your vet for advice and support.