Understanding why dogs bark

Why our canine friends bark

Barking is an important means of communication and its normal behaviour for a dog. They bark to call out to other dogs and any noise can stimulate a barking response.

There are many reasons dogs bark as they have a lot to say. From wanting to go out to alert you to strangers about.

If your dog is barking too much and you have concerns, it’s important to research into the reasons. Here are a few common causes of barking:

  • Boredom, depending on how they spend their day, they may be bored or frustrated.
  • Being left alone, dogs are social animals and they become anxious if left alone for too long
  • To attract your attention, they may want to go outside or they might be hungry.
  • Territorial behaviour, many dogs will bark if there are strangers or intruders, especially if there are other dogs around.

Scared, your dog may be fearful of noises, people, places, especially at night which can stimulate anxieties. They can be afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks and noisy machines.

  • Their ears will often go back and their tail is held low, this is fear.
  • Happy, your dog might be happy to see you and want to play.
  • Health issues, always keep a close eye for anything usual or concerning. Excessive barking could mean they have some deafness and unable to hear themselves bark.

As a dog ages, they can develop health related issues, including Canine Dysfunction.

Avoid making too many changes to their routine or environment. If you are worried or concerned that your dog may have a hearing impairment, talk to your vet who can help you.

Sometimes, dogs can bark excessively and if this happens it is important to work out the reason why. Try to determine what he barks at and characterise your dog’s barking habits.

Dogs bark for several reasons, so it is important to take the time to determine the reason why. Is it because they are bored, need attention, stressed or anxious.

If you are worried or need to discuss any concerns, talk to your vet who can provide expert advice. It’s a good idea to take your dog to the vet for a full health check to make sure there are no medical reasons for the excessive barking.

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