Our Brick Appeal

Founded in 2014, Treat me Kind is an animal protection charity working to help and promote compassion towards animals.

Helping to raise awareness about animal welfare issues through campaigns, educational programs and appeals.

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Our Brick Appeal

Our Rescue and Rehoming Centre

One of our long-term goals is to build a Rescue and Rehoming Centre for animals.

With your help we can acheive this and help those vulnerable animals in need by working within and for the community.

It is vital to raise awareness about responsible pet guardianship, to help people understand the bond between animals and people as well as the commitment of bringing an animal into the family.

With our rescue centre we want to serve the community by helping people and their pets, help rescue and rehoming those animals most in need, provide veterinary aid and help as well as raise awareness and help educate the public about animal welfare issues.

Our appeal will be in three core stages, the first being to aquire land, second to build the centre on the land and third stage will be the opening of the rescue.

We urgently need to begin our vital work helping the local community and their companion animals.

We’re asking companies, organisations and individuals in the community to support the goal of building a rescue and rehoming centre for animals in need, through the simple and straightforward act of “buying a brick”

It’s our biggest campaign appeal ever and we need your support.

Donate one Brick for £2

If you are a business interested in supporting this appeal please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

For more information or to find out other ways to support us please email hello@treatmekind.org.uk

Thank you!

Take Action

Our brick appeal

One of our long-term goals is to open an animal rescue and rehoming center for cats. As part of this we have launched our brick appeal where people can donate by buying a brick towards the building of this centre. This is an ambitious goal but an essential one, because with your help we can build a future for animals in need. 

For more information about Treat me Kind you can download a copy of our leaflet Treat me Kind

Please visit our Brick Appeal page by clicking here


Are you a Business

Are you a  business who would like to help us? We have lots of ideas on how you can help us and if you have your own ideas on ways to support us we would love to hear from you.

There are many ways businesses can sponsor Treat me Kind and help animals. Events can be sponsored and corporate fundraising is a great way of  benefiting the businesses that sponsor and the charities they support. Read more in our Treat me Kind Corporate Sponsorship Brochure. To become a sponsor, please call 01444 682062 or email info@treatmekind.org.uk. Thank you.

Fancy a Thrilling Challenge?

We are preparing for our first charity event, Abseiling from i360 Brighton. The date will be confirmed shortly but it will be next year.

Would you like to join Team Treat me Kind? We would love you to take the challenge and take the plundge. If you would like more details or information please email us at hello@treatmekind.org.uk. This promises to be an exciting, thrilling and adreneline fuelled event and we hope you will come along and jump.