Food can be scarce for birds during the winter months

Help protect birds by providing food this winter

The February half-term will soon be upon us and there is lots to do…

How about making a bird feeder together for your garden? This will encourage birds to visit your garden and you will be providing them with much-needed food, especially during the winter months.
Raising awareness about birds is a great way to make children aware of what birds eat and the seasons.

It’s easy to make a DIY birdfeeder yourself…

A fun way for you and your kids to understand birds in your garden.
to Birds love soft fruits like pears and apples.

Food can be scarce during the winter months, so making a bird feeder is an ideal way to help our feathered friends.

Apple Feeder

Handmade feeders are fun and a great way to enjoy watching wildlife.

A great way for people to connect with nature, why not try an apple feeder.
All you need is an apple, some string, some little sticks and seeds.

The apple will need the string to go through it then the two sticks will need tying together in the middle, the apple sits on the sticks. Then roll the apple in the seeds so they press in and stay on the apple skin.

Toast feeder

What about toast for the birds, all you need is a piece of toasted bread, a heart shaped cookie cutter, peanut butter
and bird seed…

Get a slice of toast, if you have a heart shaped cutter (for the adult to use), use this to create a heart shaped piece of toast or alternatively cut out a small round circle.
Then spread peanut butter across both sides of the toast.

Then get some seeds and pat the toast down into the bowl of seeds and that’s it.

Have fun!

A few little extra tips…

  • Bird feeders should always be placed away from windows so the birds don’t fly into them
  • Help birds this winter by providing water, food and shelter
  • Avoid mesh bags for food, these can cause damage or even break feet and legs
  • Birds drink and bathe in water, so consider placing a shallow bowl of water out for birds
  • Feeders need to be safely positioned in your garden to avoid any cats

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