Many people will be shopping for that perfect gift for family and friends, during the festive period.

We urge you not to surprise your loved one with an animal-companion and consider adopting them instead.

If families want a new furry friend, adopting one helps to save a life and provide a forever home for them.

There are many shelters and rescue centres across the country with plenty of animals all waiting for their forever home. Not only will you be giving a new home to an animal but you will also help free up a space to help another rescue animal.

Bringing an animal into a family is a lifetime responsibility and commitment. All animals need a forever home and a happy loving environment.

If your considering bringing a new animal-friend into the family, please consider adopting one and always do your research and carefully consider whether it’s the right time for you to adopt.

Visit your local rescue shelter and help make a difference to a homeless animal.