Watch out thieves about

Sadly, dogs can be potential targets for thieves, especially if they are left and tied up outside shops.  Avoid leaving your companion animals unattended as there may be people who scour local communities for animals to steal.

If you’re planning a shopping trip think about the safety and vulnerability of your animal before leaving them tied up outside a shop on their own.

Consider other options like leaving them with loved ones whilst you shop go rather than bringing them along with you.
Identification of an animal is vital – ensure your dog has been micro-chipped, having this small chip can potentially help you be reunited with your beloved animal if they should become lost or stolen

About micro-chipping

Every year animals go missing but if found they can be scanned for a microchip. If you have had your animal micro chipped you increase your chances of being reunited with your loved ones.

Vets will scan animals to see if they are micro chipped, then they will be able to identify the animal and its guardian.

A microchip is an identifying integrated circuit, which is placed under the skin of the animal. It’s about the size of a grain of rice which gives the animal their own unique code to help identify their guardians through a registered pet database.

It’s very important to micro-chip and keep the contact database up to date.

It’s advised that if your dog gets lost or stolen please call the police immediately.


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