Choose animal-friendly festive events

Animal-friendly events 

We want to see an end to the use of live animals at festive celebrations.

Busy public places like shopping malls are often filled with people, noisy shoppers, bright lights, and an entirely unsuitable environment for animals.
As the festive period draws closer many event organisers will be using live animal props like reindeers. These animals belong in the wild, in the Arctic and subarctic regions of the world not in busy public areas where they are denied their basic natural behaviors. In their natural environment, they would roam free across vast ranges.

We are very concerned about the welfare of these animals. The continued use of these animals is sending out a wrong message to the public that they are living props. There are so many alternative animal-friendly ways to enjoy the holidays which do not involve any animal displays.

Hosting exciting events for families and local communities should be about compassion and fun.

There is nothing educational or kind about using captive animals as part of the entertainment. Events should be helping to create positive experiences for our community.

If you know of an event near you please write a polite letter to your local council or the event organisers asking them to choose animal-friendly alternatives to live animal props.

Please contact us if you would like any help or information.

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