Animal Artists

Across the globe there are many animals being used for entertainment including TV shows, adverts and promotional purposes. These animals are being exploited and used for entertainment including in circuses, for sport and traditional festival events. Many of these events will use animals to attract customers but the sad truth is many of the animals undergo gruelling ‘training procedures and practices’ which are cruel and as result inflict severe pain and stress. Avoid events and shows with live animals and choose animal-free entertainment. Animals are often snatched away from their mothers as infants only to be forced to spend their lives being subjected to ill treatment and cruel training methods. Many animals will suffer with severe confusion, psychological stress and anxiety. Animals being trained to perform are subjected to horrific cruelty and abuse as part of the ‘training processes. Regular exploitation causes the animals to be constantly anxious and fearful. Animals are sensitive and intelligent sentient beings that deserve respect and compassion, animals used for entertainment will often be exposed to poor living conditions, a life of misery and confinement including some who end up living in solitary confinement. There are many alternatives to using live animals, such as human circuses, the use of advances technologies and computer-generated imagery. Behind closed animals are being subjected to a lifetime of misery all in the name of entertainment. Training cannot and will never stop a wild animal from behaving instinctively. To subject animals to the stress and turmoil of noisy public events and crowds can be extremely frightening for animals. In a sad attempt to attract customers, some shops, malls and other establishments imprison wild animals to be glared at by the public. Often these animals will become depressed, sick and manic. TREAT ME KIND International strongly opposes the use of animals in all entertainment and is devoted to end the cruel exploitation of animals used for human amusement and to make a profit. Animals are not commodities or novelties, they are living sentient beings who feel pain and suffer. Every animal has the right to live in their natural environment and engage in their natural behaviours free from pain or suffering.

What you can do

Avoid attractions where there are live animals and if you see anything on TV, a show or an advert which exploits animals, contact the producers and politely tell them why you object. If you would like any help or further information please contact us here at

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