Adopt a homeless feline and give them a second chance

Adopt a Shelter Cat 

In the UK, there are many unwanted, neglected and unwanted cats. With rescue shelters who often have a limited capacity, you can help by adopting a homeless animal by giving them forever home.

If you are thinking about bringing a feline companion into the family, consider adopting them, and avoid buying them. With a little research, you can find your local reputable rescue centre and visit them to see all the wonderful animals available for adoption.

With so many shapes and sizes, shelters are often bursting with many different types of animals all looking for a second chance. Shelters have a vested interest in keeping all their animals happy and healthy, providing them with vital health checks with things like vaccinations, microchipping, worming, spay/neutering.

Animals are a big commitment and staff are always available to help you with advice and information when you adopt and afterwards, particularly if you have never had a feline before. With so many personalities to choose from, the staff at the shelter can also help match you with one of their animals.

Why not consider adopting a pair, so they can have a friend and keep each other company. Many shelters will offer two cats together because they might be relatives or that they have developed a close bond.

It’s been proven that bringing a companion animal into your life helps you feel happier and reduces the sense of isolation and they help to keep you company.

By adopting, you will be giving an abandoned or unwanted animal the chance of a happy future, and by doing so you will be also freeing up another space for a homeless animal in need.

Show others how wonderful it is to adopt from a rescue centre and how great it feels to save a life, and by doing so they might also consider doing the same and offering a forever home.

Happy Adopting!

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