Adopt an elderly animal and give them a second chance

Consider adopting an older animal 

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, please spare a thought for all those homeless shelter animals needing a forever home. In particular, those more senior who are still waiting for that second chance.

Throughout the UK many rescue centres and shelters are bursting at the seams with animals all waiting their forever home, Sadly, many of those animals have been waiting longer than others because they are elderly.

Ideally every senior animal would be part of a loving family but sadly that’s not always the case, they may never be offered a forever home again unless we adopt them.

Just like any animal, the older ones need our love and protection too, offering an older animal a home is a wonderful gift. Elderly animals are often in most need of a loving home as many have been living in shelters for a lot longer than others.

If you decide to adopt and offer a home please consider their needs, they need to be comfortable and feel safe and secure. They can be more susceptible to changes in temperature, so think carefully about their environment and protection. Be aware of extreme weather conditions and keeping your animal out of extreme heat or cold for long periods of time. Also, make sure to exercise them moderately to make up for declining heart and lung function.

Adopting a senior is a wonderful way to offer a peaceful sanctuary to those less adoptable. You will be giving them a forever home at a very important stage of their life.

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