Adopt a Rescue Animal Don’t Shop

Are you thinking of bringing a furry animal friend into the family?  

There are so many reasons to adopt a rescue animal. There are so many rescue centres with animals waiting for their forever home. If you adopt you will be helping a homeless animal and supporting all the hard work of rescue centres and it opens another space for a rescue animal who might desperately need it.

Animals give us unconditional love and caring for a companion can help provide a person a sense of purpose and help reduce loneliness and stress.

Sadly, elderly rescue cats struggle to find homes and can be overlooked, and usually it is because people do not know how to care for them.

Senior cats may need a little extra help as they age, and our furry friends make wonderful companions. As they age, they become less active. They become more sensitive to the cold and enjoy staying closer to home. They tend to spend less time roaming and exploring and giving more time to resting and sleeping. Adopt an older rescue cat and help provide them with the love, care, comfort, and respect during their twilight years.

By choosing to adopt a homeless rescue animal you will help change their life and get a best friend too.

Download our leaflet all about Elderly Cats here: Older Felines