Adopt don’t buy

Every year kittens and puppies are bought as presents or on impulse, children and adults alike reach out excitedly for their new furry companion. However, the long term reality of owning a pet is a life time commitment.

Animals are not toys, they are not things which we can play with and return back to a shop. If you return an unwanted pet, the end result will be hundreds of unwanted animals being abandoned.

Consider adopting an animal from a reputable animal shelter, there are rescue centers that have many animals available for adoption and all desperately waiting for a good loving home.

Decision to bring a new companion into the family

It’s so easy to buy an animal; there are many pet shops, online websites and advertisements out there encouraging you to buy. However, the sad truth is that an impulsive buy can cause long term suffering, neglect or abandonment for animals. Please consider your decision carefully; having an animal in your life is a life time commitment so you must think about the animals. Things to consider include how much time you have to devote to your new friend, for example dogs need regular walks every day, animals need companionship, food and litter, veterinary costs, look at your lifestyle; think about how much time you have to spend with your companion.

Cat Breeding

Many people will breed cats for money, as a profit making business, selling kittens to pet shops for high prices often disregarding the welfare of the cat. Animals are not commodities, they are living beings who can suffer and feel pain.

Spay or neuter

It’s very important to spay or neuter your puppy or kitten as they can be subjected to diseases, fights, starvation, and even death. When you spay your cat, you are preventing more stray cats and you are saving their lives.

Breeders often sell to pet shops and kittens as young as 8 weeks old (sometimes younger) are sold to the public, sadly many breeders will keep on churning out kittens for the pet market.

Cats can become pregnant at a very young age (as early as 4 months), so helping to prevent unwanted pregnancy is important.

Pedigree cats can suffer

Sadly, many cats that are bred with certain physical characteristics are at increased risk of getting cancer, kidney disease, joint problems amongst other problems.

Cat breeders need to eliminate the deformities which can cause suffering, breeding cats for looks is causing animal suffering. Selective breeding can attract potential customers who will bid high to buy what they want in a cat. Persian cats for example are a very common breed, especially in the UK, many of whom are being bred with flat faces which as a result cause reportorial problems. Other breeds are prone to diseases and cancer because of the way they have been bred. The welfare of these cats is often neglected as demand for specific breeds are on the increase. Unfortunately, many animals will suffer, experience pain, illness and or behavioral problems which can lead to long-term problems.

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