Give animals a second chance by adopting

Adopt an animal avoid buying

I was really sad to see some pedigree cats and dogs for sale in a London pet store. This shouldn’t be acceptable and the sale of animals in pet shops should stop. Animals aren’t commodities, they’re  living sentient beings.

Buying animals from unrepeatable places can cause many problems including welfare issues and even can have fatal consequences. Choosing to buy can unwittingly help fuel the pet-industry. Dogs are often sourced from puppy farms, where their environment and living conditions which are often inadequate, poor welfare and squalid conditions.

If you don’t want to see animals for sale in shops why not write a polite letter to your local council telling them about what you have seen and urging them to end the sale of pets in pet shop.

Adopting an animal from a shelter

Rescue centres and shelters are bursting at the seams with animals looking for a loving forever home. If you’ve decided to welcome a companion animal into your family, why not choose to adoption and avoid buying an animal. Not only by adopting you’ll be giving a home but you’ll also be freeing up much needed space for another animal in need. You’ll also be supporting rescue centres and helping them continue their work.

Shelters are supposed to house animals temporarily, allowing them to help more animals in need. Giving a loving home to an animal in a rescue shelter is a wonderful gift. Adopting means the animals are housetrained.

Rescue places will often include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee.

Giving animals a second chance

Sadly, many animals in shelters are there because of human issues and behaviour. When you adopt, you offer those animals a second chance. You will also be helping to reduce how many abandoned animals there are. Why not visit your local reputable rescue centre and go and see all the lovely animals available for adoption.

Bringing a companion animal into your life is wonderful but always carefully consider if this is the right thing to do for your family, they are a lifetime commitment.

Happy adopting!

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