Adopt a Rescue Animal

Adopt A Rescue Animal

There are so many reasons you should adopt a shelter animal and not buy an animal, here are just a few:

For every animal adopted from a rescue centre this allows them to provide a new space for another animal.

There are so many animals to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Shelters are often bursting at the seams with animals all seeking a forever home.

Animals from shelters should have had all their health checks so they are ready to be rehomed. They want their animals to be happy and healthy so adopting from a centre helps support their rescue work.

The staff and volunteers from these reputable rescue centres will be able to provide you with information and  answer any questions you may have – just ask. If you have any concerns or questions especially in the adjustment period after adoption, they are there to help you.

By adopting you are setting an example to others just how amazing these animals are and how important rescue centres are in helping animals.

Animals are wonderful companions and they can help towards improving peoples lives through companionship and reducing stress. We all have different personalities, as do animals, so getting to know your companion animal and bonding with them can be fun and rewarding.

If you choose to buy an animal please be aware that some pet shops, newspaper and internet adverts can be directly supporting animal cruelty. Sadly, many animals are bred-for-profit and are often used as commodities. Buying an animal can often directly support businesses like these.

Adopting an animal helps to save a life. Supporting your local rescue centre will help reduce the strain on shelters and free up much needed space for more homeless animals.

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