About Us 

Welcome to TREAT ME KIND International’s website. We are an animal protection charity.

We are working on our campaigns which focus on companion animals and donkey welfare. Please consider joining us by signing up to our newsletter. We want to keep you updated on all our latest news and campaigns. We help to raise awareness about animal welfare in the UK and abroad. Helping to raise awareness about welfare issues through educational campaigns and promoting the humane treatment of animals.



Our Story

During 2014 a group of people founded TREAT ME KIND International and set up the Charity to advocate animal protection and build a universal understanding about human-animal bonds and relationships.

As an animal protection organisation we are working to encourage kindness towards them and help end cruelty through our campaigns and programs.

We believe that every animal deserves respect, dignity and kindness.

Respect – showing empathy and humanity to animal

Dignity – respecting and honouring an animal’s life

Kindness – nurturing compassion towards





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