Founded in 2014, Treat me Kind is an animal protection charity working to help and promote compassion towards animals.

Helping to raise awareness about animal welfare issues through campaigns, educational programs and appeals.

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Companion animals can often be a family member one minute, alone and abandoned and homeless the next.

We help to raise awareness about homeless animals and promote the importance message to adopt a rescue animal and not buy one.We want to help support those rescue efforts by donating gifts in kind items like food and blankets to rescue and shelters across the UK and now Internationally.

Our shoebox appeal has become a successful programme which helps those most vulnerable animals in need. We collect donated items and give to those in need. As our charity grows so will out shoebox appeal as we plan to extend our lists to include much needed emergency equipment and supplies which will help to save lives.

If you would like to help please donate to our Wishlist here and help us to feed and provide vital things for those animals in shelters. Your donation will make a difference and helps to feed those animals who are homeless looking for a forever home.