Every animal deserves respect, dignity and kindness

TREAT ME KIND is working to end cruelty to animals in the UK and abroad. Helping to raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

We work on these core areas;  companion animals; feline care and our shoebox emergency aid support.

Helping to raise awareness about animal welfare issues and promote kindness and compassion towards all animals.

Our work includes public benefit through our educational programs which highlight the human-animal bond and responsible animal guardianship.

Through direct donations in kind to our shoebox appeals including much needed items such as food, blankets etc to be donated to reputable sanctuaries and rescue centres.

We help to promote and educate the public about the importance of the human and animal bond and senior feline care and welfare issues.

Our work includes promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle by providing information and encouraging ethical living. Through this program we aim to provide awareness about plant-based foods and the impact of choosing a KIND lifestyle that is pro-animal welfare, health benefits and environmental impact.

Our vision is a world where every animal is treated with respect, dignity and kindness.



Through our programs we aim to help raise awareness and educate people about the importance of animal-human bonds.


We are privileged to have animals in our lives, they give us unconditional love and they deserve our respect and compassion.


Donating Gifts in Kind items to those animals in need. We distribute much needed items to animal rescue centres and shelters.